Whatsapp Spy is a Software with which one can spy or hack someones whatsapp account . It is a popular tool for hacking someone’s WhatsApp Account  “It took many years for our team to develop whatsapp spy Software with many failures but at last we succeed . Now it’s ready to launch to the public” Says the developer of WhatsApp Spy Software when he finally announced that Whatsapp hack will Be free Of cost .
Now It has been updated , Modified For other devices And Is finally launched for windows/mac PC , Android and iOS Versions. Windows Phone version will also be available in some time so visitors don’t feel sad but you can still use the PC version.




How does Whatsapp Spy Works

The working Begins When the tool sends special packets of data to the whatsapp server and then create a firewall between your victims account and whatsapp Server and Now the whatsapp server thinks that the firewall is an anti-virus and ignores security then our tool grabs all data of your victim’s whatsapp account and saves it to our server. It then removes the firewall and then whatsapp security takes it over. After that all the data is saved onto our web server and all data extracted is placed to it’s specific location so it can be viewed at ease. The entire hack completes without the knowledge of whatsapp server as well as your victim.

Instructions to Use Whatsapp Hack on PC/Laptop

  • Download the Application
  • Select Region/Continent ( To make sure you are connected to nearest server )
  • Enter Phone Number
  • Click on proceed
  • Done

You can now select the contact person from contact list and view messages and media. Right click and select save option to save any media files like photos or videos. You can also export the messages as .txt file using the export button on top right corner.


Why you should use Whatsapp Spy Hack


  • It is completely free there are no charges no matter how many accounts you extract.
  • The program is custom made it is Virus Free.
  • Very easy to use. Although Hacking is a complicated and stressing process but this program’s interference is very easy to use without any complications.
  • No detection – There is no way you will be detected nor your IP address will be detected. The program uses a in build VPN/Proxy. It changes the IP Address and makes your device IP Invisible.
  • Free updates whenever a bug is fixed!


Languages supported by the application


The Application supports Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian and Spanish for the PC based program. All other program versions support English and currently French and German languages support are being developed to implement soon.